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Everything you need to know about your GoldShield 10 Year Warranty

GoldShield Wwarranty

The GoldShield 10-Year Warranty is the market-leading cover for park homes and lodges. Here's everything you need to know.

What is a GoldShield warranty?

A GoldShield warranty is a guarantee that protects you against financial loss from inherent structural faults with your lodge. If you're registered for this cover, GoldShield will cover the cost of repairing any hidden defects with your home and any damage they have caused.

The GoldShield warranty is administered on behalf of your lodge manufacturer and the NCC.

What does a Gold Shield Warranty cover?

A GoldShield Warranty covers any inherent structural faults with your park home. This includes exterior elements, such as your wall frame, underfloor insulation and chassis, as well as interior components like your park home's flooring, ceilings and walls. The warranty also covers your roof, windows, and doors.

For a complete breakdown of what the warranty covers, be sure to visit the GoldShield website.

How long does a GoldShield Warranty last?

A GoldShield Warranty lasts 10 years. During this time, it has two distinct periods: the Initial Period and the Continuing Warranty Period. Both offer a different level of cover.

The Initial Period lasts two years from the date you purchase your park home or three years from its date of manufacture (whichever ends earliest). During this time, you're protected by the manufacturer's warranty, which covers the whole structure of the park home and all its fixtures and fittings.

Once the Initial Period is over, you'll be covered by the Continuing Warranty Period, which lasts eight years. This will protect you against any hidden structural defects that affect your park home. Any faults should be reported to GoldShield during this time rather than the manufacturer of your lodge.

How do I register my park home with Gold Shield?

You can register your park home with GoldShield if it has been built to British Standard BS3632 , it was constructed by a manufacturer that is a member of the GoldShield scheme and it is located on a GoldShield-registered site.

The GoldShield warranty is paid for by your park home manufacturer, so it comes with the price of your home. 

Unless the owner of the park your property is sited on does this for you, you'll need to complete the application form you can find in your GoldShield handbook or online. You must do this in the first year of ownership, and it's best to complete the process within 90 days or you'll incur late registration fees.


It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure their property's warranty has been registered. The owner of the park your home is sited on may complete the process for you, but it's important that you ask them about this to make sure everything is done properly.  GoldShield only allow late registrations of homes up to 1 year from the date of first purchase with late registration fees applicable. However, we currently offer a 5-years amnesty that allows park owners to register any homes on their site that are less than five years old. This is something you can speak to your park manager about.

How do I keep my GoldShield Warranty valid?

In order to meet the requirements of your GoldShield warranty you have to meet certain maintenance criteria. This is to ensure that any faults that develop have not been caused by neglect. You can get the full list of requirements on the GoldShield site.  

As the costs of maintaining your park home can add up, you may be interested in signing up to the GoldShield Care scheme. For a monthly fee, this will ensure all the maintenance work required to keep your park home within warranty is carried out for you by an independent contractor. It will also help you budget for you annual park home maintenance costs.

The GoldShield warranty will give you peace of mind and protect you from unexpected structural repair bills. Hopefully this quick guide has given you an understanding of what kind of cover you can expect under your GoldShield warranty.

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