Park homes for sale and rent in the UK

Pegasus Finance – Funding of Park Homes 2020 – Spring 2021

Published: 1st October, 2020

Press release

The financial markets within the United Kingdom and around the world have been affected significantly during the past 6 months due to the COVID pandemic. Many UK banks and financial institutions have massively restricted their lending or ceased lending altogether due to a fear of high unemployment and a possible recession.

Pegasus Finance remains the leader in the UK leisure finance market and our doors have remained open throughout. Funding of motorhomes, campervans and caravans has continued strongly, and the number of staycations has increased significantly, for obvious reasons.

One area of our business which has affected us adversely is the funding of park homes. This is an important sector of our business, but lender nervousness means that we have been forced to temporarily cease financing these assets.

Through no fault of our own, we are currently unable to satisfy customers looking to purchase a park home, but please rest assured, the search for alternative solutions remain a constant pursuit. We are confident funds will become available in the near future, but this is unlikely to be before spring 2021.