Park homes for sale and rent in the UK

About Park Homes

Beautiful surroundings, friendly neighbours, financial security

- and the freedom to live as you please. Isn't that just the type of lifestyle we all dream about? Well, for tens of thousands of people in Britain today, that dream has become a reality. All it can take is the sale of your bricks and mortar house - and the move to a residential Park Home. Such a move could release a substantial sum, all of which is yours to invest or spend in whatever way you wish to provide a comfortable and secure living.

You'll find everything in place on the day you move in, ready for you to start enjoying a carefree Park Home life. Park Homes are designed to be easily maintained and are extremely well insulated, often with energy saving values which are superior even to brick-built properties and however comfortable and snug you are indoors, don't forget that residential parks also provide a lifestyle bonus outside your four walls with the old-fashioned sense of 'neighbourliness'. Everyone respects each others' privacy on a home park - but there is a strong feeling of being within a friendly community of like-minded people, always willing to lend support or provide assistance if required.

Lissett Homes
Lissett Homes

That's why, for those in or nearing retirement, a residential park can offer a much better alternative to settling in a new area amongst strangers with a range of different age groups. However, it should also be noted that, in some instances, Park Homes can offer affordable accommodation for younger couples and families. Many parks invest substantial sums in creating and maintaining very high quality surroundings, with well-lit walkways, sitting-out areas, community meeting centres and landscaped gardens and they also help protect and enhance the natural world with bird boxes, special wildlife zones, special planting projects and the creation of natural habitats such as ponds. To get an even fuller picture, why not arrange to visit a residential home park today? Your dream lifestyle could be a lot closer than you ever imagined possible!