Park homes for sale and rent in the UK

Buying A Park Home

Buying a park home is a simple process and with the guidance of the park owner or manager, you can be sure of a trouble free move. You do not need a solicitor, although we would advise you to use one. Ensure that you use a solicitor that specialises in park home law. Your own family solicitor may not. There is NO stamp duty to pay.

Take time to read the park home fact sheets published by the Government. They explain the responsibilities of both the resident and the park owner and the legal conditions you will commit to. They can be downloaded from our 'Downloads' page.

Park Home Life

The first obvious step is to choose where you would like to live. Before making that final decision, take time to talk to the residents - are they happy living where they are? Do the park owners attend to any maintenance and requests quickly and efficiently? Are there any problems on the park they can tell you about before you commit yourself?

Most park owners will tell you that their residents are their best sales force, so take advantage of using them!

Check that the Park's Site Licence issued by the Licensing Department of the Local Council is on display, which it should be, either in the Park Office or on the park's notice board along with the contact details of the park owner. From this you will be abe to check that the Site Licence is for residential purposes for twelve months of the year.

Beware that some parks do have a twelve months Site Licence for holiday purposes. You may not live on parks with this type of licence. They may only be used for holidays or second homes. Why not check out our article 'Misuse of Holiday Homes' on our sister website.

Check to see if the Park Owner is a member of either of our Trade Associations - the British Holiday and Home Parks Association or the National Caravan Council. If the park advertises on our website, you can check to see if they are a member by visiting their information page. Alternatively, you can check by visiting the Trade Association's own websites.

British Holiday and Home Parks Association
National Caravan Council


If you are now happy to go to the next step, there are two ways to purchase a new park home. You may have seen a particular park home on your chosen park, already sited and ready to move into. This is the easiest and quickest way and provided you are in a position to go ahead and purchase, will take no time at all.

However, you may prefer to have a home ordered and built to your own specification - a bespoke home. The Park Owner or Manager will be happy to sit down and discuss your requirements with you, or they may arrange for you to visit one of the manufacturer's display centres, where the sales staff will be able to advise you what optional extras are available to you. This may take a little longer, but you will end up with the home of your dreams!

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