Park homes for sale and rent in the UK

Consumer Price Index from July 2023

As a general rule, the ground rent (pitch fee as a legal term) will only be changed by a percentage equivalent to any change in the Consumer Price Index since the last review date, unless residents and park owner have come to another arrangement whereby additional facilties have been given. Ground rents may only be reviewed once a year.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mobile Homes (Pitch Fees) bill was granted Royal Assent on 2nd May 2023 and became law on 2nd July 2023.

What this means for you as a park home resident in either England or Wales,  is that on and from 2nd July 2023 the inflationary index to be used by park owners in all pitch fee reviews will be the Consumer Price Index (CPI) . For all Scottish residential parks, Retail Price Index (RPI) , is still being used.

PLEASE NOTE; The figure now shown in July and beyond is at the CPI rate.

2023 % change over 12 months   2024 % change over 12 months
January 13.4   January 4.0
February 13.8   February 3.4
March 13.5   March 3.2
April 11.4   April 2.3
May 11.3   May 2.0
June 10.7   June 2.0
July 6.8   July  
August 6.7   August  
September 6.7   September  
October 4.6   October  
November 3.9   November  
December 4.0   December  

The figures have been supplied by the Office of National Statistics.

Next release date: 19th June 2024