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An introduction to Park Rules

Published: 14th December, 2020

An introduction to Park Home Rules

Site rules ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the park site for the general benefit of occupiers. They are intended to promote community cohesion on the park site.

Please be aware that there is no legal obligation to introduce site rules about the running of a park site. However, if a site owner chooses to do so, a strict procedure must be followed. Such prescribed procedure can be found in the Mobile Homes Site Rule Regulations (“the Regulations”).

If the site rules procedure prescribed by the Regulations has been adhered to, the site owner must register and/or deposit the site rules with the local authority.

It is important to note that the local authority retains a register of the site rules which is open to members of the public during normal working hours and they must also publish these online. If the process has not been followed and the site rules have not been deposited as outlined in the Regulations, the site rules are not enforceable.

If the site rules have been made in accordance with the Regulations and deposited with the local authority, they are treated as express terms of the Agreement. This highlights the importance of understanding the site rules before buying a park home and equally complying with the site rules whilst being a park home owner.

Following the Regulations, there are certain rules that are banned and all existing rules which have been banned have no legal effect. Examples of these include rules:

(a) which grant home owners certain rights, subject to the exercise of discretion by the site owner;

(b) about any matter that would contravene the implied terms of a home owner’s pitch agreement under the 1983 Act;

(c) which restrict a home owner from obtaining goods and services, for example, bottled gas;

(d) which require additional charges or deposits to be paid to the site owner and

(e) which restrict home owners’ rights over the site, such as in relation to visitors and vehicular access.

It is really important that the site rules are fully understood before purchasing your park home, so as to not fall foul of them in the future. Should you have any doubts as to the validity and/or the implications you should seek specific legal advice from a qualified lawyer that deals with park homes law.

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