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We are receiving more and more enquiries directly by email and telephone from people looking to rent a park home.

However, we would like to advise that there are very few parks who rent park homes as a general practice, as opposed to selling them. It will not be easy to find a park home to rent of the same quality as the homes you see throughout our website for sale. Normally, the park homes that are rented are older homes on Short Term Tenancy Agreements.

We have found approximately 160 parks who either rent or have done in the past throughout the UK and these you will see below, all you need to do now is to refine your search by clicking on your preferred location.

These homes have been generally purchased by the Park Owner and will be removed at some stage, when doing so would give a large enough area to redevelop, as a slow but continual programme of improvements.

We do always try to help, but with rentals it is not possible, so please don't contact the website office and ask for a search. You really do need to contact a suitable park individually to ask if they have any availability.

Thank you.

Tall Trees Park

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Cats Allowed dogs_allowed

Derwydd Park

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented)

Provost Mains Caravan Park

Perth, Perth & Kinross
Residential (owned) Residential (rented)

The Elms Park Homes

Loughton, Essex
Residential (owned) Residential (rented)

Harpswell Hill Park

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Cats Allowed dogs_allowed Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Park Rules

Moor Farm Park

Calverton, Nottinghamshire
Residential (owned) dogs_allowed Residential (rented) Cats Allowed

Scotton Park Homes

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Cats Allowed dogs_allowed Park Rules

Charnwood Park Estate

Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Park Rules

Myrtle House Caravan Park

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Residential (rented) Cats Allowed Residential (owned) Park Rules

Hillcrest (Surrey)

Tadworth, Surrey
Cats Allowed Residential (owned) Residential (rented)

Cringles Park Home Estate

Kieghley, North Yorkshire
Residential (rented) dogs_allowed Residential (owned)

Grampian Mobile Homes

Skene, Aberdeenshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented)

Berkeley Close Park Homes

Loughborough, Leicestershire
dogs_allowed Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Park Rules

Tripps End MHP

Southampton, Hampshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Cats Allowed dogs_allowed

Avondale Mobile Home Park

Winchester, Hampshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented) Park Rules

Weston Hill Park Homes

Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire
Residential (owned) Residential (rented)